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Elk City Hearing Aid Center was founded in 1981 by Mr. G.A. Kopp.  Mr. Kopp was a passionate advocate of the hearing impaired until his untimely passing in August of 2010.  The practice was purchased December 1, 2011 by Wayne and Kari Morris, native Oklahomans.  It is conveniently located across the street from the Route 66 Museum.

Wayne Morris has worked in the hearing industry for many years and has developed a heart and driving passion to improve the quality of life of our patients as well as their families and friends.  Our mission is to serve the hearing impaired public with compassion and integrity, regardless of the circumstances, and assist them in bridging the gap that occurs when communication becomes difficult.  We love nothing more than to see our patients reengaging and enjoying the gift of life to the fullest!

We encourage you to share our view of the fitting of hearing instruments as a process, not an event.  Our commitment to you is to be an active and encouraging part of your aural rehabilitation journey.  In return, we request your commitment as well to become part of the team.  We will coach you on hearing and communicative  strategies but you will be the MVP of the team.  You will be responsible for following daily use schedules and implementing best practices for communicating in a world of diverse sound information.

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